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Pro-Champions presented by Cobra PUMA Golf and Accès Physio
Pinegrove (Club De Golf)
September 20, 2022
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September 9, 2022
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ELIGIBILITY This tournament is open to all active members of the PGA of Quebec. If the head club professional is not available, another club professional may replace him/her.

FORMAT   This 18-hole competition will have a 3 PLAYER Vegas (the head professional invites his ladies' champion and his men's champion, (or substitutes).

SFL RANKING POINTS Participation points will be offered to all professionals

TOP 25 G&G BRANDS All professionals will receive points in the Top 25 Professional Development Leaderboard presented by G&G Brands.

REFUND POLICY PRIOR TO REGISTRATION DEADLINE   Registration fees are refunded if written notice of withdrawal is received at the PGA of Quebec. A service charge of $25 is retained. AFTER the registration deadline: There are no refunds after the registration deadline. However, in the event of illness, the registration fees are reimbursed upon receipt of a medical certificate. A $25 service charge is withheld.

PLAYOFF   The Tournament ChampionS will be determined in  sudden death playoff  after the end of play, formula will be determined by the Tournament Committee. All players affected by this extension must be present and ready to proceed as instructed. The batting order is determined by drawing lots. Any player not immediately available will finish last in playoff.

RULES OF GOLF The Rules of Golf Canada (GCRG) and the Local Rules of the PGA of Quebec govern the game. Additional local rules will be available at the first tee. Local host club scorecard rules do not apply. The PGA of Quebec Competition Committee shall ultimately adjudicate all claims and disputes.

• Competitors must adhere to the PGA of Quebec dress code which is available at
• Shoes with metal studs or traditionally designed studs of any composition (ceramic, plastic, etc.) are prohibited. The penalty for violating this condition is DISQUALIFICATION.

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