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PGA of Québec Match-Play Championship
Mount Bruno Country Club
Start Date
June 10, 2022
End Date
September 16, 2022
Registration Deadline
June 9, 2022
# Registered
43 / 64

ELIGIBILITY This tournament is open to all active members of the PGA of Quebec Class A and Apprentice Professionals. (64 professionals maximum, first come, first serve). Players will be ranked first geographically and then using the SFL 2021 Player Rankings. If the total number of competitors is equal to 32 players or less, a bracket of 32 players will be used. The bracket will be available on Saturday June 11th.

FORMAT Individual Match Play  Full Bracket

Match Play Regulations:

  • You must play your match by the round deadline;
  • Both competitors must agree on the location, date and time of the game (If you are playing on a neutral course, please respect PGA policy and call your colleague to ask if he or she can accommodate you );
  • You must contact the PGA of Quebec before your match to give the course name, date and time;
  • Distance relief is mandatory for women (minimum 10% of men's tees total distance);
  • Please try to play in a foursome with two other competitors from your region;
  • You can enter your scores live on the Golf Genius app (details to come);
  • The winner of the match must contact the PGA of Quebec and confirm the result of the match, and the hole or the match has ended;
  • In match play you must agree on the rules, for disputes that you cannot resolve, contact Jacques Sévigny 450-561-8850;
  • If your next opponent is known, please play your match as soon as possible even if it is before the previous deadline;
  • Take pictures! and send them along with your match results!
  • The results on our site and that of golf genius:
  • A loss in the first or second round sends you to the Consolation Tournament.
  • The semi-finals and finals of the Championship will be played on September 16 at Mount Bruno Country Club.


Deadlines for each round

1st round: July 1

2nd round: July 22

3rd round: August 12

4th round: August 31

Quarter-finals: September 9

The semi-finals and the final will be played at the prestigious Mount Bruno Country Club on September 16, 2022.

TOP 25 All professionals will receive points on the Top 25 Professional Development leaderboard presented by G and G Brands.

REFUND POLICY PRIOR TO REGISTRATION DEADLINE Registration fees are refunded if written notice of withdrawal is received at the PGA of Quebec before entry deadline. AFTER the registration deadline: There are no refunds after the registration deadline. However, in the event of illness, the registration fees are reimbursed upon receipt of a medical certificate. A $25 service charge is withheld.

RULES OF GOLF For any questions on the rules during your games, you can contact Jacques Sévigny at 450-561-8850. The Rules of Golf Canada (ARGC) as well as the Local Rules of the PGA of Quebec govern play. Additional local rules will be available at the first tee. Local host club scorecard rules do not apply. The PGA of Quebec Competition Committee must ultimately rule on all claims and disputes.

• Competitors must adhere to the PGA of Quebec dress code which is available at
• Shoes with metal studs or traditionally designed studs of any composition (ceramic, plastic, etc.) are prohibited. The penalty for violating this condition is DISQUALIFICATION.
• Check with host club for permission to wear bermuda shorts. No bermuda shorts for the semi-final and the final on September 16.

PGA of Quebec:

Registration is closed.