Indoor Golf for Sale - Golf In Boisbriand

Indoor Golf for Sale

Profitable business with established customers
5 simulators in perfect condition
All restaurant-bar equipment and furniture is included.
Giant projector screen and TVs included
Value of 5 simulators; $225,000
Value of leasehold improvements and equipment; $200,000
Asking price $175,000

Golf IN Boisbriand simulators use the state-of-the-art truTRAC system technology. It is currently the most advanced system for golf simulators. It incorporates two distinct integrated technologies that allow realistic analysis of the ball and stick. Optical sensors, placed under the starting position, capture the momentum of the stick and the start of the ball. Three audio sensors, strategically placed in the walls and ceiling of the cockpit, capture the trajectory of the ball and its speed.
Our system therefore calculates the information on the stick and the ball. That's why our simulators, with the momentum analyzer, tell you not only the trajectory of your ball, but also what caused that trajectory. You'll have access to all this information after each move if you wish, so you can improve every time you hit.

The financial statements of the last 3 years available if necessary

For more information, please contact Martin Lanoue at 514-704-4653 or

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