G&G Brands Celebrates 30 Years of Invaluable Partnerships

G&G Brands Celebrates 30 Years of Invaluable Partnerships

October 25, 2021, marks the 30th anniversary of G&G Brands (previously known as G&G Golf Company). To be in business for three decades is a feat in and of itself, but to accomplish everything it has from its rather humble beginnings is a true testament to its people and its partners alike.

Since Gord German founded the business in 1991, G&G has continued to evolve from selling primarily golf accessories to now also offering a wide range of lifestyle goods.  With its evolution has come the opportunity to gain experience alongside world-class suppliers, like-minded partners, and a variety of associations that have welcomed a collaborative approach to success.

G&G is a people-first company where core values centre on the foundation of family.  They care as much about their customers as they do about the products they produce and the people who participate in the process.  Perhaps the most comforting realization is that who they are and what they stand for has remained unchanged after all these years. 

Connecting their suppliers to their customers through more than just the products they sell is what G&G does best.  They embody the culture, embrace the history, and tell the stories of each of the brands they represent, bringing them to life and allowing them to resonate deeply.  

When the initial decision was made to modernize the look and feel of G&G, company President Brad German had this to say, “It was important to both Jess [Vice President of G&G Brands] and I that the logo retained some of its roots while becoming clean, simple and elevated in its new form. Maintaining an oval shape was designed to do just that. The maple leaf represents where we come from, and the red embodies our passion for our business and our partners’ business.” 

The essence of community G&G has created both within and outside of the workplace has not gone unnoticed. When the team at G&G was asked what the company meant to them, they collectively stated this, “We are very proud to be part of the G&G family where friendships are made, fun is had, and everyone is passionate about working together collaboratively to reach a common goal.”

G&G Brands prides itself on its family tree, which extends far beyond its four walls.  From brands like BIG MAX in Vienna, Austria, to legendary leaders like Jane Spicer at Daphne’s Headcovers, and the SoCal trend setters at TravisMathew, G&G is a by-product of the company it keeps.  As they celebrate their 30th year in business, they look back to some of their oldest relationships with the likes of Imperial Headwear and Evolve Golfand to some of their latest and greatest, like New Balance Golf and Zoom Golf Products


“One of the most important things in creating a long-lasting relationship with our vendors comes down to trust.  For us, it’s really about knowing the ins and outs of their business and how they run their company.  We truly are an extension of their brands in Canada,” explains Vice President Jessica German.

Brad German goes on to say “when we are looking for new partners, it’s all about understanding who they are, not only today, but also where they are going tomorrow.  We want to consider ourselves as being a part of their business and taking what they stand for and where they’re from and making them successful here in Canada.”

G&G Brands has equally been fortunate to establish long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships with pro shops and retailers across the country.  They are also a proud partner of the PGA of Canada, each of its provincial associations, and the loyal members within.  They do their best to give back by way of sponsorship to the various amateur and professional tours across Canada while supporting their initiatives along the way.

Whether it is on the golf course, in the clubhouse, or on a patio with friends, G&G Brands is your one stop shop for all the top-quality merchandise you need to support an active lifestyle on and off the course. 

G&G offers over 20 top quality brands, two national sales forces, and a best-in-class customer service team to support over 1000 active accounts across Canada. In its 30th year of business, G&G continues to share its collaborative formula for success with its current and prospective customers, suppliers, and employees alike. 

“G&G definitely knows where it came from, but it’s not afraid of where it’s going to go.  It’s not going to let our let our history, or our roots hold us back by any means, but it’s definitely always going to remind us of what our core values are and what they mean to us,” says Brad German. His statement could not ring truer when it comes to the evolution of the company and the foundational values it embodies. 

When it comes to the brands they distribute, there is an underlying confidence that you are not only getting the best of the best when it comes to quality, but you are also staying ahead of the curve.  Fashion-forward brands like TravisMathew, Glove It, Gogie Girl, and New Balance Golf set the bar when it comes to design elements and style, while labels like Imperial, SlideBelts and Barrington transcend the lifestyle space and tell a story wherever they go.

G&G Brands is very proud to tell the story of sustainability on behalf of its suppliers, who take this subject very seriously. Evolve Golf, FTI Brands, Daphne’s, EcoVessel, and Zoom Golf Products, to name a few, make a concerted effort to reduce their environmental impact day in and day out.  

While they feel very fortunate to have so many incredible brands on board, they invest equally in their own brands that they have taken the time to develop, expand upon, and inherently grow year after year.

MXM manufactures value-driven golf accessories that offer the ultimate balance of affordability and quality. Encompassing categories that range from tees to umbrellas, towels to divot tools, and everything in between, MXM is your go-to accessory brand.  With vegan leather and canvas headcovers, forged metal coins and bag tags, as well as Swarovski crystals on their Bling Ball Markers, the material and style offerings are endless.

MXM is a forward-thinking brand that is not afraid to think outside the box and offer up trend-setting items that push the traditional golf envelope.  The new Par-Tee Series features an assortment of sublimated and embroidered designs on headcovers and towels, which confirm their desire to stand out and be different.  Another representation of this can be seen on their newest umbrellas that feature sublimated geo prints, as well as a new camouflage umbrella: The Combat.

Speaking of sublimated prints and camo, G&G also owns two of its very own headwear brands that feature these design techniques for 2022: Prodigy Headwear and Gogie Girl Headwear.  The key to the success of Prodigy Headwear over the years has been innovation with fresh styles, new colours and more of a lifestyle focus. Hayes and Archie (shown in picture) are two of the latest styles that feature sublimated prints and a cork sandwich brim, respectively.

Similarly, Gogie Girl Headwear – designed by women, for women – focuses on fashion, function and fit. The same Gogie Girl difference remains unchanged this season, but the sublimated all-over floral prints on the Sienna, and the introduction of camo on the Kinsley, make this year’s lineup stand out.

What’s new for all headwear styles for 2022? A variety of stock embroidered or vegan leather patches that can be added to any domestic Prodigy, Imperial, or Gogie Girl Headwear style. Patches feature sayings like “Pray for Birdies,” “FORE,” “Yard Sale,” and more.

Known for their quality and innovation, it is no surprise that BIG MAX is releasing the stand bag of all stand bags: the Dri Lite Feather, weighing in at just 3.3lbs. The Feather eliminates excess weight while ensuring its practical features are not compromised. BIG MAX Dri Lite technology combines 100% water resistant material with seam-sealed waterproof zippers to protect golfers’ gear from the elements.

The bag features a five-way top and six extra spacious, water-repellent pockets, including a cooler pocket.  It has an unbelievably lightweight design, space for a full set of clubs plus golfers’ gear, protection from the elements, and the option to sit it squarely on a push cart. This is the perfect bag for the golfer who wants all their options covered.

A stylish modern design and five colour options finish off this unique package that combines the best practical innovations that BIG MAX has to offer. Available in Black, Grey/Black, Lime/Black/Charcoal, Navy/Red/White and Red/Black/White.

Cuater by TravisMathew is innovation at its finest.  Best known for its footwear and the technical aspects that enhance your golf game, Cuater also offers the perfect complements to your TravisMathew wardrobe.  Offering everything from belts, socks, and casual shoes to golf gloves and premium performance golf shoes, this up-and-coming brand is all the rage on the tour stage these days, having recently partnered with Jon Rahm, the #1 PGA Professional Player in the world.

Rahm’s golf shoe of choice – The Wildcard – was the shoe that won the US Open.  The Wildcard Leather delivers performance and comfort all in one stylish package. Featuring the innovative SWEETSPOT Cushioning System, The Wildcard golf shoe offers a comfortable and responsive fit.  The technology transcends their entire lineup of golf shoes, including the best-selling Moneymaker (shown here), as well as all styles of The Daily, otherwise known as the ‘Perfect Shoe’.